Mirva Nurmi - WorkLife eCoach, Coach 
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What is Coaching? 

Coaching is a learning process that aims to improve personal performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’. The role of a coach is to encourage the coachee to explore his or her own knowledge in order to gain new insights for everyday life.  

What is eCoaching? 

eCoaching means remote, but frequent coaching through e.g. email, SMS, App. This makes eCoaching very flexible, time and place independent. The coach is easy reachable and the coachee can choose his own moments of coaching.

What is WorkLife Coaching? 

WorkLife Coaching facilitates a learning process to improve your work-life fit and personal performance at home and work.

Common starting points in WorkLife Coaching: 

  • Change / Challenge career, life, personal, emotional
  • Irritation, anger - at work or home or both 
  • Perfectionism - never good enough 
  • Stress - fulfilling expectations, feeling powerless  
  • Time management - never enough time
  • Uncertainty, dissatisfaction - feeling restless